We are good at web projects development from the very beginning to the end. We are capable of taking upon ourselves each aspect of creating valuable product: design, development and marketing.
We are aware of all cutting-edge trends, keep an eye on quality of our services and considerate towards the finest details.
UX Strategy and Concept Vision
We start from complex market analysis (SWOT) and requirements of your business. Results of these researches transform in mind maps, use-case diagrams, user stories and vision document. Collected data helps us to understand an industry we work with.
Information Architecture
In Asight we follow content-first approach to design. We use collected data as a base for creating structure mind maps and interactive prototypes which are ready for testing and client review. And only after this we proceed to further design.
Graphic Design
Visual design is a way of communicating the main idea and approaches of the project via visual images and color palettes. We carefully pick own style for each project and this style will be fully corresponding with tasks of this project.
UI Animations
Animation is a form of communication and significance of its role is increasing. We do our best in order to find appealing and modern animation for each new project, because each interface is unique.
Mobile Enhanced
Not just responsive, in Asight we create unique mobile UX for optimal mobile conversion. We carefully develop structure and animations for each project from initial sketch to final touches. Our main goal is to get the best result for each device.
Corporate identity
One of the main steps towards brand's identification is creating channels of visual communications with clients. In Asight we not only create recognizable image, but also make final product corresponding with your target audience's expectations.
Are capable to create any back-end services for sites and applications. Our main advantages are high quality of code and detailed description of all processes.
Cutting Edge of Technology
We use modern technologies for implementation of all designer's ideas, among them are: HTML5 (Jade), CSS3 (SASS), JS (jQuery, Angular, etc), PHP (Yii, Symphony), Gulp, Git. We write structured, clean and readable code.
Content Management Systems
We work with modern and widespread CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Opencart. We are able to use any other CMS if you project requires using it or develop your own CMS based on modern frameworks according to your needs.
Easiness and efficiency
We optimize our sites to achieve maximum efficiency. In order to achieve this goal we use different methods. Each line of the code goes through process of optimization for increasing performance of the site download on desktops and mobile devices. All images are being compressed without losing their quality.
Cross Browser & Platform
The most our important goal is correct display of our web-services on different browsers and platforms. Windows or macOS, Android, iOS, Blackberry or WinPhone - site will be tested using all of them.
3rd Party Integration
Asight is able to integrate everything you need for full-scale functioning of your site. From Social media integration to CRM integration - we do it all. All third party services will be thoroughly tested after integration in order to exclude any mistake from our side.
Testing and Debugging
We proudly guarantee the quality of our products. Our main working method is testing which is oriented towards ultimate user. Each sites goes through quality control which helps to prevent possible mistakes. This control includes functional, load, cross-browser, mobile testing.
We not only launch project, but also support it and constantly improve its quality. To achieve this goal we introduce a number of services which are aimed to improve communication with clients and to facilitate further development.
Web Site Optimization
We carry out complex works on the site in order to make it compatible with quality requirements of search engines. Each project, we create, contents basic optimization by default.
E-mail marketing
We help business to build direct communication with clients with the help of e-mail communication. Our mission includes creation of strategy, development of high-quality e-mail templates, A/B testing and work with clients' objections.
Content strategy
Once a new user visits your website, it's very important to have a content strategy in place to market to them effectively. Asight develops all necessary documents for planning, creating, delivering and managing of content after the launch of your project.
Conversion rate optimization
We rely on opinions of real people, but not on our assumptions. To collect such opinions we conduct A/B testing for finding the best result. Thus we get the highest possible conversion rates.
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