How to Avoid Burnout if You Work Remotely

What we do in Asight in order to avoid burnout among us. Some advices, practices, useful tips which proved to be effective for our team.

Remote work

Burnout is one of the most urgent problems of all workers in whole and remote workers in particular. According to stats almost 50% people of productive age have experienced burnout. Sounds scary. In IT industry problem of burnout is even more actual as each and every qualified specialist is worth its weight in gold.

Among the reasons which may cause burnout I can mention the next:

  • When person has almost no control under his/her working life. When you work but if your result isn’t recognized and your opinion is not taken into account you may lose the drive for work. Keen interest to work is the most powerful medicine which prevents burnout, but it is quite easy to kill if you can’t control what you’re doing.
  • Lack of respect. It is connected with the previous reason.
  • Shifted work-life balance. For IT industry feels normal to be obsessed with your work. You may work up to 80 hours per week and feel yourself great. But not for a long time. Resources of your body are limited, so you will face burnout sooner or later.
  • Unhealthy way of life. It can’t cause burnout per se, but it can conduce its development. If you don’t sleep well and drink a lot of alcohol – you can easily lose your connection with reality and burnout.

Burnout has very different symptoms but it drastically changes all person’s life. Among troubling signs, I can mention the next ones:

  • total apathy;
  • loss of connection with the world around;
  • productivity decrease;
  • inability to concentrate;
  • constant fatigue;
  • psychosomatic symptoms (such as headaches);
  • some difficulties with habits of healthy life (lack of sleep, too much junk food etc.)
  • quick temper
  • denial of burnout

So what we do in Asight to prevent burnout?

Healthy Lifestyle

It is always better prevent burnout than to cure it. So we give huge attention to physical health of our people. Our working schedule is created in a way which provides possibility to get enough sleep. Some people start working at 10 a.m., some night owls later. Of course we have timeframes for managers which contact with our clients, but technical specialists have some freedom in establishing working hours.

The same is for working days. If somebody needs to work half day and spend more time with family – it is ok. If one of us wants to spend time with family on Friday and work on Sunday – it is also ok. It is all about improving work-life balance.

We have a lunch break. It is not fixed, so you can take it any time when it suits your organism. As we are working from home and you have one hour for launch you can easily cook something healthy and eat it without any rush. You can eat fish, garlic, spicy dishes – anything you want.

No overtimes. Really. All that’s simple. We follow the best management practices and plan our working cycles accordingly. Everybody needs to have a rest and some free time. We establish realistic deadlines and meet them without overtimes.

Communication and Recognition

One of the so claimed disadvantages of the remote work is the fact that you don’t communicate with your colleagues. This statement for sure not about our team. We use Slack and it replaces everything from daily meetings to water cooler talks. Different chats and direct messages help us to discuss all actual topics: from latest design trends to our pets.

The same goes for recognition. Chats are used for telling about progress, direct messages are used for discussing some problems. We talk literally loud about progress of each team member as it is something to be proud of.

Helpful Environment

One person can’t do it all. And nobody can know everything. So we do our best and tackle with problems together. We can discuss for hours some designs or animations, search for better solutions and try-try-try. If you need help – just write message in our chat. Our common experience in IT industry and our collective intelligence will do our best to find the solution.

Such environment also helps to know about possible problem even before it will happen. And it will be solved in the shortest terms.

Some Antistress Practices

When you’re working from home you have got a wide choice of options to decrease the level of stress. You can take a small walk during your lunch time or have your lunch outside. Also you can just pet your cat or dog. Those fluffy antistress creatures really help to overcome inner tension.

And one more – everybody in our team really love the things we do. And this passion towards work creates an immunity against burnout.

Anna Kalmius
Remote work

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