Business Process Automation Solution Based on Data Science. 7 Reasons to Develop a Custom Software

Custom business process automation software will help your company or startup to organize and improve your workflow and customer relations.


Why you need a business process automation software?

You might be the owner of the business or CEO or even the head of the department and you might know how important is to control the business process inside of the company. Business process automation solutions let you manage all processes and workflow in your company smoothly and efficiently, save time and money, help to share responsibilities.

Business process automation software will help your business to reduce costs and risks, to increase the profitability. For example, after Cisco Systems had adopted the web based customer relationship management they got the result of saving more than 270 million of US dollars savings in annual operating expenses. So even the most expensive business automation solution which was adopted in an intelligent manner will reduce the costs of operation business.

Also, I would like to mention about one more latest web trend which lets management to reduce the costs of creating, using and supporting of web based solutions. I mean cloud based solutions. Using these solutions in business process automation software will help you to get a low redundancy system with perfect uptime.

According to Statista spending on cloud IT infrastructure is growing fast each year. If in 2013 it was 22.3 billion of US dollars, in 2016 it was 37.4 billion of US dollars, which is almost twice more.

But how to find the best solution for your company? Whether custom business process automation solutions represent value for money? Or it is better to use ready-made solutions?

In this article, I will highlight the most important reasons for developing a custom software for a business process automation.

How to use data science for business process automation?


Data science provides the business with the possibility to drive proactive planning, to predict some things before they actually happen. For example, if your business is about retail and you sell warm clothes data science will help you know when usually your shops experience rush of customers and plan your procurements accordingly. Even more, in a case of cold autumn or forecast about early winter data science will predict that customers will need warm clothes earlier than usually, so you will be able to get the start of your competitors on the same market.

Each business has some repetitive tasks or actions which depend on time, season or some external factors, so using data science in your business automated solution will make all repetitive tasks automated and predictable. You won’t need to write reminders anymore. Business automated software will be able to provide all necessary recommendations for the further actions and development of your business.

Here are the reasons to make a custom business process automation solution for company

It will be your own custom agile solution.

When you buy some ready-made solutions they already have a lot of functions which you may not need but they are overloading the system. Or such BPA software may lack some important details which are crucial for your business. While developing your own solution you can take into account all the needs of your business, all planned improvements and possible changes in your business strategy. Also, you can use all top-notch technologies for your business automation process solution.

Custom-made software means lower costs for deployment and support as you will pay only for those capacities which you really need for your business. Also, you may use cloud solutions to make the BPA available from any place in the world and reduce costs.

The efficiency of the work in your company will increase.

Actually, this reason also works even for shrink-wrapped software for business process automation, but in a case of the custom development of BPA, the increasing is usually more visible.

In process of development custom business automation solution, you can take into account the needs of your business and people which will use this software in their daily activities. If your company consists of geeks which are crazy about all new technologies and are online 24/7 your way is to create a cloud-based business automation software which is based on data science and follows all the latest trends. And this BPA will be easily implemented in the workflow of your company.

If in your company most people are not crazy about the modern technologies, you are still able to skyrocket the efficiency of their work. You just need to take this into account while writing the specification for custom business process automation software. Also, take care about detailed guidelines and learning videos.

One more reason for increasing of the efficiency of work will be the possibility to get the reports and analytic data. You will be able to track the progress of each person inside the company, of each your marketing channel, of each your supplier. BPA solution based on data science will provide you with relevant analytic reports which will be helpful for detecting all possible bottlenecks in your business process.

One more thing to take into account is what devices are usually being used in your company. If you are the head of successful design company and most of your people use Apple displays and MacOS you should mention about it in the specification for your business process automation solution. If you are in delivery business and most of your people are couriers and other field employees which use tablets and smartphones for connecting to your BPA this fact should also be noted in the specification. 

Easier maintenance and support.

When you buy BPA from a vendor it is usually made for some default company with some default settings. Of course, most vendors offer the services of maintaining and setting up their solutions on your side but when you decide to develop a business automation solution from the scratch it will be created taking into account your IT infrastructure. Also, reliable companies which build a business automation software based on data science offer maintenance and testing of their solution as well as user guidelines and support. All these things are included in the price of development. Also, custom business process automation solutions are more scalable. You just need to mention all the plans and perspectives of scaling your business before the start of the project.  

Efficient communication process and enforced accountability

A custom solution will take into account all roles and stages of business processes in your company. It will clarify all responsibilities and bottlenecks in production. While writing project specification you may find out that some roles in your company are quite ambiguous thus complicating the business process. But when the project specification will be completed and the custom solution for the automation of your business process will be up and running you will see that process is clear, all responsibilities are sorted out and you can easily check on what stage is one or another task.

By the way, cloud based business process automation software which based on data science will reduce the risk of errors. For example, it can notify the office manager if he or she orders wrong sort coffee for the office coffee machines. Or send an email to product owner if the scrum team is at risk of failing the current sprint (such conclusion can be made from the Gantt diagram or burndown chart of the sprint). And due to the fact that some quotidian activities will be automated the risk of errors will decrease also. The system won’t forget about the water for office coolers, or which sort of coffee is compatible with office coffee machines.

Cost efficiency

When you create a cloud based business automation software it requires fewer resources for maintenance and support. Also, it will require fewer resources for the further scaling and exploitation.

Even if packaged software costs less you will spend money also for customizing it for your needs, for creating the necessary infrastructure, for scaling it when your business will grow. Custom BPA may initially cost more but it will be tailored perfectly for your needs and it will use the infrastructure you already have or cloud solutions. Companies which develop custom business process automation software for business can also advise startups or young companies some possible scaling possibilities which can be designed in project in advance.

Security and reliability

Each business has data and information that need to be kept in secret. During the last years, information has become one of the most valuable treasures which attract cyber criminals. That is why all companies (big behemoths and small startups) are doing their best in order to protect their information. According to worldwide IT security products market revenue is growing each year and is predicted to reach 43 billion US dollars in 2018. It means that the security issue is the kind of issues which requires time and money to resolve, but if not resolved it may cause bigger loss of time and money.

Development of custom business process automation solution will help you to avoid a lot of security problems. Some of these problems will disappear because of use the modern technology stack and cloud infrastructure, some of the problems will be taken into account and possible preventive measures will be applied during the process creating the software. And of course, you are welcome to share with developers all your experience (even negative) about the security of your company and its weak places.

As for reliability, I can mention that use of cloud infrastructure will help to improve the uptime and response time of your custom BPA. Cloud infrastructure lets you store data on multiple servers in different parts of the world so in a case of abruption of one server you still be able to use the software


The last but not the least reason to develop custom software. You may use a lot of other software solutions from different vendors. Let’s imagine that your bookkeepers use the most widespread program for bookkeeping, your developers use corporate GitHub account and all of them prefer Mozilla Thunderbird as their email client. If you buy some ready-made BPA solution it may take a lot of time and funds to integrate everything. Maybe something even will be impossible to integrate.

But if you have decided to outsource the creation of custom business automation software all integration problems will not emerge. You just need to right in project specification what other solutions will be used in your business processes and daily workflow.



Custom business process automation software will help your company or startup to organize and improve your workflow and customer relations. Cloud-based BPA is a perfect solution for companies and startups which want to use top-notch technologies for the development of their business. 

Anna Kalmius

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